Who Makes Evoo Laptops and Why Should You Trust Them?

evoo laptop reviews
Evoo Laptop Reviews

Evoo Laptop Reviews. Evoo is a private label producer of low-cost laptop computers. As part of the Walmart brand, they’ve developed a range of low-cost laptop computers for all customers. Their product portfolio includes laptops for everyday usage, professional use, and even gaming. Evoo gaming offers a number of gadgets with interesting and unusual features such as touchscreens, ultra-thin displays, and more storage.

The Evoo 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop is an amazing Evoo notebook. It has a 120-hertz monitor as well as an NVIDIA 2060 graphics card for a buttery smooth display. This gadget is designed to run top-tier gaming titles at high speeds.

  • ·The Evoo firm offers a variety of laptops in various sizes.
  • The laptop is divided into several categories, including gaming laptops and laptops for the workplace and home usage.
  • Customers’ reactions to this particular brand of Evoo have been completely positive.
  • Some consumers are unsatisfied with the Evoo brand of laptops they purchased from the Amazon website.
  • According to some consumers, the Evoo brand of laptop is still not popular because of the quality of the computers.
  • Some consumers must claim that their computers abruptly ceased operating, making repair very difficult.

The Best Evoo Laptop Reviews in 2022 – Top Rated and Reviewed


evoo laptop reviews

EVOO Ultra Thin 15.6″ 8GB 256GB Intel core i7-6660U X2 2.4GHz Win10, Black

· Integrated Intel Iris Plus Graphics

 15.6-inch (1920 x 1080) IPS Display

· 8GB DDR4 System Memory

· Intel Core i7-6660U Processor (Dual-Core, 2.4GHz, 4MB Cache)

·256GB  Solid State Drive (SSD)

  • Great price for the high spec CPU and GPU
  • Sick backlit keyboard
  • A decent number of ports
  • Good battery life
  • Average Audio
  • Loud fans
  • The display could be brighter
  • Plastic and not very sturdy


evoo laptop reviews

EVOO Ultra Thin 15.6″ 8GB 256GB Intel core i7-6660U X2 2.4GHz Win10, Blue

· Intel Core i7-6660U Processor (Dual-Core, 2.4GHz, 4MB Cache) Fast CPU

· 15.6-inch (1920 x 1080) IPS Display

· Integrated Intel Iris Plus Graphics

· 256GB  Solid State Drive (SSD)

· 8GB DDR4 System Memory

  • Great price for the high spec CPU and GPU
  • Sick backlit keyboard
  • A decent number of ports
  • Good battery life
  • Average Audio
  • Loud fans
  • The display could be brighter
  • Plastic and not very sturdy


evoo laptop reviews

Evoo Gaming 15.6” Laptop, FHD, 120Hz, AMD Ryzen 7 4800H Processor, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060, THX Spatial Audio, 512GB SSD, 16GB RAM, RGB Backlit Keyboard, HD Camera, Windows 10 Home, Black (EG-LP7-BK)

· 15.6″ FHD 120Hz Display

· Windows 10 Home System

· Gaming Laptop

· THX Spatial Audio

· Tuned by THX Display & Audio

  • High value graphics and cpu (rtx 2060 and r7 4800h).
  • Refresh rate is 120hz on the AMD variant. High speed RAM (3200 mghz – dual channel).
  • RGB lighting for keyboard.
  • 512 GB storage.
  • Not a gamer asthetic, more normal laptop looking.
  • Main ports are on the back.
  • Laptop design feels quality.
  • Good track pad.
  • Runs games well, and doesn’t get too loud.
  • 3 display options.
  • Some of the ports are stiff.
  • Had a few issues with installing drivers, both the radeon and nvidia drivers had to be installed manually.
  • Storage and other upgrades require warranty seals to be broken.
  • Can get loud under a heavy load.
  • Color accuracy is less than desirable.

Overall, fantastic performance for the expense of purchasing an unknown brand laptop. Other manufacturers will charge you $1500 for the same specifications.


evoo laptop reviews

Evoo Ultra Thin Laptop 14.1″ Full HD Intel Celeron N3350 4GB RAM 64GB SSD Win 10 S Model

· Brand New in box. The product comes with all necessary accessories.

· Windows 10 Home System

· Wi Fi


Evoo Laptop Reviews
Evoo Laptop Reviews

Evoo EVC1416PR 14.1 inch Ultra Thin Laptop – Elite Series, Intel Celeron CPU, 4GB Memory – Purple

· Intel Celeron J3355

· Intel HD Graphics 500


· 1 Year Subscription Of Microsoft 365 Personal


evoo laptop reviews

Evoo 14.1” Ultra Slim Notebook – Elite Series, FHD Display, AMD Ryzen 5 3500U Processor with Radeon Vega 8 Graphics, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, HD Webcam, Windows 10 Home, Silver, EVC141-12SL

· High-Performance Elite Series Notebook

· 14.1″ FHD Resolution 1920 X 1080

· AMD Ryzen 5 with Radeon Vega 8 Graphics

· Windows 10 Home System

· 256GB SSD

  • Very lightweight, attractive slim design
  • Expandable storage
  • Screen is nice and keys are well placed
  • Of course, the low price
  • Battery life is about 5 hours if using multiple tabs and streaming music
  • The RAM and processor..
  • No full Microsoft Office, but I use Drive

This laptop is mostly used for research, surfing the web, writing essays, and streaming music and YouTube. Fortunately, these are processed without delays. I was afraid I’d have to return it because it accomplishes all I need it to do. It’s also extremely nicely crafted. That had to be said again. It’s quite thin and light, and if you hide the EVOO logo with a sticker, it appears like a $500+ laptop. So far, no regrets. IDEAL FOR STUDENTS ON A BUDGET


evoo laptop reviews

EVOO 13.3″ 2-in-1 Laptop

· Full HD Display (1920 x 1080)

· Convertible Touchscreen Design

· Fingerprint Scanner

· Windows 10

· Mini HDMI Video Output

  • The key selling point of 2-in-1 laptops is that you may possess both a laptop and a tablet for the price of one gadget.
  • They are often quite light, making them ideal for usage on your lap or in other situations where a big laptop might be inconvenient.
  • They are tiny and portable, making it much easier to work on the move.
  • You’ll likely be able to raise your laptop up, allowing you to use it as a portable television.
  • Because they include a touchscreen, they are ideal for students or anybody who needs to take notes by hand, as you can use a digital pen with them to write notes by hand and then save them directly to your computer.
  • If you are not very interested in buying a tablet, a 2-in-1 laptop is probably not the best option for you.
  • In general, the performance of a 2-in-1 will be lower than that of a traditional laptop because they are designed for more flexibility of usage above performance.
  • Furthermore, if you enjoy playing games, a 2-in-1 isn’t the ideal option because they aren’t as strong.


evoo laptop reviews

EVOO EVC156-1 15.6 FHD Laptop with Intel Quad Core i7-6660U 8GB RAM / 256 SSD/Windows 10

· 8GB RAM / 256 SSD / Windows 10

· Quad Core i7-6660U

· Full HD Display (1920 x 1080)

  • 1. It really starts up very fast, despite the programs that I have installed I am surprised how fast the system starts up, and you can work immediately.
  • 2. The overall size is very good, as it is thin and wide, so things are very clear.
  • 3. The battery so far lasts quite long, I have not tested how many hours, but definitely for me it has been enough.
  • 4. The pad works excellent. Honestly I really like it when PADs are not so smooth, and this one is like that, plus it is big, which sometimes can cause certain problems, but overall I prefer that as it is sensitive to 2, 3 and even 4 fingers, which is very useful when you work in Windows 10.
  • 1. The volume of the speakers leaves much to be desired, honestly it sounds low, sometimes I think I can turn it up more and when I try I see that it is already at 100%. I have already checked the volume from the controller and the programs, and they are all at maximum. The headphones correct this as it sounds very clear and with good volume.
  • 2. I could not find the drivers for the equipment. I went to the official EVOO website and they are nowhere to be found; I requested information but no one sent me anything. I thought this was necessary since Windows Home comes by default, and for those who do not know, Windows 10 Home does not let you permanently cancel updates, and it is very annoying. My idea was to format the computer and install Windows 10 Pro, but without the drivers I can’t do it.
  • 3. It gets hot at times. The fan works well, however, as it is thin, you feel on the left side as the equipment heats up, after a few minutes it is regulated, but I think this has affected the operation at times as I have worked with Power Point and more than 3 times the program has been stuck. If you buy it I recommend buying a fan to help it.


evoo laptop reviews

Evoo EV-T2in1-116-1-SL 11.6″ FHD Touchscreen x5-Z8350 1.44GHz 2GB RAM 32GB eMMC Win 10 Home Silver

· This reconditioned item has been tested and certified to appear and function like new. Functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging are all part of the refurbishment process. The product comes with all necessary attachments and may be packaged in a generic box.

RANK NO. #10

evoo laptop reviews

2021 EVOO VR Ready Gaming Laptop, 15.6” FHD 120Hz Display, AMD Ryzen 7 4800H Octa-Core up to 4.20 GHz, GeForce RTX 2060, 32GB RAM, 1 TB PCIe SSD, RGB Backlit KB, HDMI, DP, Win10 + Oydisen Cloth

· Display 15.6” FHD Display, 1920 x 1080, Enjoy your images, videos, and games in fine definition with a 120Hz rapid refresh rate.

· Processor AMD Ryzen 7 4800H Mobile Processor with Radeon Graphic (2.9GHz, Up to 4.2GHz) | NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 6GB VRAM.

· RAM and Storage RAM have been increased to 32GB high-bandwidth RAM to enable the seamless operation of many apps and browser tabs at the same time; the hard drive has been upgraded to a 1TB PCIe Solid State Drive to allow for faster bootup and data transfer.

· Included in the package Oydisen Cloth is included.

· Tech Specs 2 x USB 3.1, 1 x USB 2.0, 1 x USB Type-C, 1 x Micro SD Expansion Slot, 2 x Mini Display Port, 1 x HDMI, 1 x RJ-45 Ethernet Connector| Windows 10 Home 64-bit English.

  • Initial setup is not very time consuming
  • Can be used for most activities that require a laptop
  • Features superior THX Spatial Audio
  • The screen is easier to look at
  • Speaker placements are perfect
  • Has a good variety of usable ports
  • This Evoo laptop lives up to its hype
  • Xbox Game Pass is included in the deal
  • Faulty warranty
  • 60Hz refresh rate
  • Some ports seem a bit stiff initially
  • Can get noisy under heavy load

Who manufactures Evoo laptops?

Evoo notebook is a relatively recent name in the notebook industry. Walmart, a well-known American store, owns the Evoo laptop brand. Among the competition, they sell the brand as a cheap, user-friendly notebook. They are backed by Walmart’s official warranty.

About Walmart

Before we get into the specifications of the Evo Laptops, we believe a quick look at Walmart is in order. Because, in most cases, the brand value influences product quality. A well-known brand is less likely to jeopardize its reputation by releasing a subpar product.

Sam Walton launched Walmart as a little penny shop in 1950. The popularity of that business later led to the establishment of the first Walmart in Roger, Arkansas in 1962. His main goal and intention were to overhaul the whole retail management scene in America.

The objective from the start has been to create a company that focuses on selling items at reduced rates while still giving superior service. They have adhered to this attitude since the commencement of their operations.

Walmart is now the most well-known brand in the retail business. Their revenue in 2021 is expected to be $559.2 billion. They are the market leader not just in the United States, but also globally. At the moment, they have operations in 23 countries.

Where are Evoo laptops manufactured?

It is no surprise that nearly two out of every three technological items are now manufactured in Asian nations such as China, Taiwan, and Japan. So, the answer to the issue of where Evoo laptops are manufactured is simple: not in the United States, but in China.

According to reports, Shenzhen Bmorn Technology, a Chinese national brand, sells Evoo-branded products. Walmart manufactures the goods in China and then ships them internationally.

We have previously supported Chinese-made items. The low labor cost and low material cost reduce the overall cost of the product. As a result, the corporation is able to keep the product’s pricing low. Furthermore, Walmart must maintain the price of Evoo computers low in order to make them affordable.

What should you know before purchasing an Evoo laptop?

Budget laptop

Because Evoo laptops are distributed through Walmart, you can expect them to be reasonably priced. The Evoo LP-7, which costs roughly $1,300, is one of their more costly laptops.

Gaming laptop are typically somewhat more expensive than standard laptops, therefore the higher price. They also sell inexpensive laptops for as little as $116, making them one of the most affordable alternatives on today’s notebook market.


Portable gaming has grown in popularity in recent years, which is why Evoo’s most popular laptops are built with gaming in mind. The finest Evoo most gaming notebooks have Intel Quad Core CPUs for quick speeds and built-in Windows 10 so you can start downloading games straight away.

Evoo provides a variety of storage capacities for those on a tight budget. The lower the price of the laptop, the smaller the solid-state disk. This enables you to tailor your shopping experience to your budget. If you just want to save a few games at a time, you may save money by going with a smaller SSD.

Daily use

Laptops Evoo that aren’t designed for gaming is ideal for everyday use. Evoo laptops are solid choices for simple daily tasks, whether you need a laptop for working from home or simply shopping online.

While their products won’t blow you away in terms of speed and processing power, they’re ideal for the laptop consumer who doesn’t require cutting-edge technology.

Evoo Laptop Specifications

· Product: Laptop Evoo

· Prices: This varies depending on the model of the laptop and the computer’s size.

· Sizes: The laptops range in size from 11 to 17 and 18 inches.

· Refund Policy: Refunds will be available once the websites selling these computers, like Amazon, have issued refunds in accordance with their policies.

· Return policy: All websites selling Evoo computers will issue refunds in accordance with their terms and conditions.

· Payment method: Although credit cards and debit cards will be accepted for payment of the laptops’ costs, users are free to use whatever payment method suits their needs.

In terms of the Evoo laptop, all of the laptops in this particular brand have varied RAM, SSD card, CPU, memory, and Windows 10, which is the most recent window.

This brand offers laptops for normal usage as well as laptops for gaming, and customers have had a positive experience with the laptops. It also includes a lot of laptops with touch screens.

This specific brand offers a variety of laptop sizes, including 15.6, 11.6, and 14-inch models. It also provides computers in sizes of 1, 17, 10.1, 18.5, and so on. All of the laptops have distinct designs, and the Evoo Laptop Review discovered that the colors of the laptops varied slightly from one another.


One of the finest features of Evoo laptops is their screens. The LP-7, for example, is a top-tier gaming laptop with a high-definition 1080p screen. It also boasts a narrow beveled design, which means that the screen can be seen from edge to edge without a heavy frame taking up space.

Keep in mind that their gaming laptop’s display only supports 60 hertz, whereas competitors support 120 hertz. The higher the hertz for gaming displays, the smoother and more polished your gameplay will feel.

Evoo also sells touchscreen laptops that can also be used as two-in-one tablets. Tablets like these aren’t as quick as traditional computers, but for most people, the entertaining touchscreen function is worth the tradeoff.

2-in-1 Evoo laptop

Two-in-one computers are a hybrid of a laptop and a tablet. They enable the user to turn the screen over to form a tablet without a keyboard. This is especially useful when you’re lying in bed or have limited room and a keyboard would be too cumbersome to use. Some Evoo touchscreens include 1080p resolution, which is considered full high-definition.

Built-in webcam

Webcams have become a must-have accessory for laptop users. This is especially true considering the advent of work-from-home opportunities. Buying a second webcam is not only inconvenient but also costly. Fortunately, most Evoo laptops include a built-in camera for your convenience.

How much can you expect to pay for an Evoo laptop?

Evoo computers range in price from $116 for their most affordable daily-use laptop to $1,350 for their most costly gaming laptop.

Deal | The Walmart EVOO laptop with AMD Ryzen 5 3500U is on sale for $349 USD to be one of the fastest laptops in its price range

Walmart will save $340 off their 1.4-inch EVOO gaming laptop if they make it affordable. Among other features, it provides a high-performance processor. Laptop prices like these are mostly driven by less powerful AMD processors and ARM computers in order to run incredibly low-performance games.

For $800, the user’s purchase includes a 10-inch touchscreen tablet, a 64GB SSD hard drive, and the standard USB connector on an 80-inch. Display pixelations are lower to the point of being inefficient for heavy multitaskers and the small CPU will be an issue for many users.

Walmart’s EVOO 15″ Gaming Laptop – How to Find the Best Offers?

Walmarts currently offers an EVOO Laptop in a 13-inch configuration for $699, which is $500 off its MSRP. From January 12 onward EVOO will be offered as low as $279.99 from Walmart.

The EVOO 15 will remain one of the most expensive desktop computers on the market right now. However, the machine feels solid built and doesn’t have a large size such as most budget gaming devices. What if our gamers can’t afford the price? Please view all articles and upcoming EVOO Laptop Giveaways.

We bought Walmart’s $140 laptop so you wouldn’t have to buy it

The lowest-priced laptop from Walmart won’t match Windows laptops. It uses only 4GiB storage and 2G. A 32 GB HDD may not work without it’s going to be unreadable if there are no hard drives.

Although this should not mean the laptop does not function properly. It seems possible to update to Linux as even lighter packages like Ubuntu work well in RAM. The belief that computers could not do Windows 10 correctly is probably not correct as it might have been.

Testing the EVOO: Not the Latest Technology, But Still Fast

The LP7 combines earlier generation technologies but its 10-inch 1080p frame rates prove its heft. In the past, Dell Optical Pro 8600 was used in its new generation as a PC laptop that was built by AMD on its 850c.

These much more expensive Alienware m15R4s and unsettling Asus Tuu Dash F13 have new graphics cards from GeForce GTX 740 and AMD GeForce 8700. It looks very low for upcoming games but could stay close in-game tests elsewhere if its speed is kept. It was kept cool enough to the outside. Nevertheless, both the cooling fans are visible around the living area when the lights go out. They have a high pitch which is too strong for background sound.

Tests of storage media and CPU

The LP70 matched HP and MSI with extremely high scoring in the first testing. The HP laptop overshot the Intel 8th-gen CPU installed with the Alienware iMac laptop. The new laptop on the Asus lineup uses the AMD Renoir CPU chips.

The time to build the computer is respectable in gaming mode, although the CPU and graphics performance caught up. Using the late 2018 version of Adobe Photoshop CreativeCloud you can add 10 unique filters with arbitrary combinations to a JPEG image by timing all operations with an additional total of 10 effects. The final test in the chapter is photo edits.

Graphic tests

The LP7 worked properly on GeForce’s RX 2060. These results put HP MS-III in the list, as well as the Apple MacBook. Its RTX graphics processing card is significantly stronger for game applications using DLSS technology from Nvidia.

It is a high converting GPU requiring a high resolution and it may reach three-dimensional frame rates for gamers who want a faster speed, Fortnite would be an attractive choice. The AMD, Sony, IBM, and Atari have an MT60 card akin for gaming or eMMC which can also play video.

Battery test

The last benchmark we measure is how long it takes a portable computer with a USB port unplugged to play/listen with a display brightness of 0 or 50 and speakers of 0 to 100. In addition, you can switch off wireless connections and dim keys to save the maximum performance possible on an external PC. But eight hours of active playtime at the gaming laptop continues its impressive achievements.

Practical Port Placement

This USB LP7 comes bundled with a USB Type and SD reader ports backside. For my notebook, this is a rare option for video output in combination with two USB ports. This laptop supports the latest Bluetooth standard and wireless standards through the X200 networking chip in the motherboard.

The 720p webcam, located above the display, does not offer greater video quality than that of competitor laptop gaming tablets. Like most games laptops, the Mac mini lacks biometric features of its version like a fingerprint scanner/internet cam IR cameras such as IR cameras and fingerprint sensors. There is a simple auxiliary cable that carries a cable away.

EVOO LP-7 Specifications

The Lenovo Laptop XPS 7500 comes in two colors and costs $399 in India. It includes 8 core AMD processors which have graphics processing in the NVidia GeForce RX family giving perfect resolutions for gaming. Although its attractive value will cost you more, it’ll have its entire polythene architecture and noisy fan housings.

HP’s Omen 15 removes either problem for just a second at a similar price and remains our Editor’s Choice for our higher-end graphics PC laptops. This is arguably a valuable alternative that performs equally well and its graphic processor could notch up the balance according to the game played.

Mostly solid input devices

The LP7 offers full-sized keyboards aesthetically pleasing but tactile users can be disappointed by an incomplete set of pages on each page. There are just 1 to 29 colors available on the screen simultaneously. This part of the laptop supports the upgrade of certain components.

Located in the opposite direction, the stereo speakers face downwards. They were enormous, but they were muffled and artificially hollowed out of size. THX Spatial Audio offers equalization when it comes to making music by hand. Gamer Alpha 15 has an exception with a single color RGB backlight. Obviously, none of this is RGB.

Jazzed up inside, not outside

The LP-7 has a fixed configuration that includes an 8k processor and an 8k gaming GPU. Laptops with a gaming XP or PCIe are generally loaded with one to two cores and one 1GB GTI card.

EVOO’S interior has a reflective branding label with a redesigned logo, but only on one side. HP Omène 15-en0030nr and MSI Alpha 15 will cost $1000.50 for both models which are still well worth it, given the GeForce RTX cards. This notebook is sold at Newegg in similar sizes to the HP and MSI.

Battery testing

During their battery tests, they discover a strange situation. When an EVOO was in the midst of running, its battery had consumed nearly 25-50 percent. Normal – as the computer monitor has been used – the battery test results may have been updated at the end of the last few days or it may have already expired and it was shut down or restarted.

Lucky for us, the system returned smoothly showing the result after restarting manually, it’s a great improvement in your game. This was no good five-hour results and Typically now the results should be at about 9.00.11.

Hz So good

Evo 15 is a 15.7-inch Infinity display featuring native 1920X1100 resolutions and 144Hz refresh time. I’ve got a good quality monitor with good colors. The laptop is standard in sound quality and has tiny volumes but little bass response.

It is advisable with options HDMI, DisplayPort, and Type A/C as it allows for easy and quick connections to various computers and peripherals. However, the top has just about no storage space, so no camera holder is available underneath the screen. Its high-performance camera produces clear photos with full-color video capturing.

Evoo Laptop Customer Reviews

Evoo Laptop Reviews discovered that user reviews on the laptops are accessible, and many buyers have submitted mixed reviews on the Amazon website.

Based on the evaluations we read on the Internet about this brand, which has been supplying various sorts of laptops, we can claim that we had a good response shortly after publishing it on the Internet.


So, you now know who manufactures Evoo computers and whether they are decent or not. We hope that this post has assisted you in deciding on and selecting the best laptop for your needs.

Please leave your thoughts on this story.

How to Select the Most Appropriate Evoo Laptop (with Price and Reviews)

Although most Evoo Laptops are similar, there are a few peculiarities to be aware of. Here are nine factors to consider before purchasing an Evoo laptop:

Price and Reviews of the Evoo Laptop

Although pricing is not the only element to consider, it is a very essential one. The cost of an Evoo Laptop should be proportionate to its worth. You may compare Evoo Laptop reviews to ensure that you are getting a good deal. This is simple to accomplish on Amazon.


The demand for a certain Evoo Laptop reflects its capacity to execute the duties for which it was created. If a product has been on the market for a while and is still in great demand, it is most likely an excellent product.


The materials used in Evoo Laptops vary according to the manufacturer. Consider where and how you want to use your Evoo Laptop to determine whether one material is preferable to another.


Evoo Laptops, like other things, are available in a variety of sizes. Do you require a huge Evoo Laptop or a little one? Consider where you intend to use your Evoo Laptop to select the appropriate size. You may also browse customer reviews on Amazon to see what others are saying about the size of the unit they purchased.


Evoo Laptops are also available in a range of colors. Do you require a certain color? You should also evaluate whether the color of your Evoo Laptop affects its efficiency of functioning.


The materials utilized, as well as the quality of the manufacturing process, will determine the durability of an Evoo Laptop. Furthermore, the sort of Evoo Laptop you choose may have an impact on its endurance.


Will you need to keep your Evoo Laptop somewhere? If this is the case, you should evaluate the Evoo Laptop’s size and weight to ensure that it can be kept appropriately. Consider the sort of climate in which your Evoo Laptop will be stored as well.

Customer Ratings

Customer reviews are one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing an Evoo laptop. It’s difficult to predict how well an Evoo Laptop will work until you bring it home and put it through its paces.


Check to see if the Evoo Laptop you’re thinking about buying is covered by a decent manufacturer’s warranty. If it isn’t, you might be better off with something else.

Evoo laptop FAQ

Can you use gaming laptops for things other than gaming?

Yes, gaming laptops are suitable for everyday use. They boast strong CPUs and crystal-clear screens, making them ideal for streaming movies and TV shows. These characteristics are also useful for business and working from home because they provide quicker speeds than less priced Evoo laptops.

Why are Evoo laptops so cheap?

Because Evoo is a Walmart private label, they specialize in providing low-cost laptops to consumers on a tight budget. Cheap laptops are an excellent choice for folks who want a basic laptop but do not require the extra capabilities of a more costly model.

Is Evoo a good brand of laptop?

VOO’s LP7 is an enjoyable gaming laptop and has an average operating range of up to 256MB in memory. Its lightweight materials with minimal frilly features maintain an emphasis on gaming performance at every level. At a lower price, AMD’s ryzen7 processor with 8 cores is impressively integrated with the GTX-2020 processor.

Because Evoo is a Walmart private label, they specialize in providing low-cost laptops to consumers on a tight budget. Cheap laptops are an excellent choice for folks who want a basic laptop but do not require the extra capabilities of a more costly model.

Is the Evoo 15.6 a good laptop?

These specifications are an opportunity for any machine less than $300. Intel’s Core i-766U processor and integrated iris video processor with 8GB memory have. In addition, it has everything needed to get into your computer like Bluetooth, USB 3.0, HDMI, and wireless access allowing you to do daily business activities and evening entertainment.

What manufacturer makes Evoo laptops?

EVOO, a global electronics manufacturer, has been identified to produce products that use Shenzhen Bmorn Technology. 22 September 2019.

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