How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing It in 2021?

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Your laptop screen is broken and you are stuck now. Well, there is nothing to worry about how to fix a cracked laptop screen without replacing it. You can easily fix it even without replacing it. We’ll show you how you can fix it step by step. Sometimes when we are working in quick, laptop screen may get pressed and all of a sudden, you realize that the screen is cracked. I have faced this situation a couple of times and damn, that’s frustrating. Well, without any further let’s get.

How to replace a broken laptop screen yourself?

A few months back my first cushion accidentally just set on my laptop that resulted in a very bad crack. We knew that it’s very simple and easy to replace the laptop screen but it’s costly. And the other main thing is that we were working on a project at that time and was very personal to us so I don’t want my laptop to be in the custody of irrelevant people. Finally, we decided to go ahead with our minimum knowledge and with the help of a technician friend, who was working in a laptop showroom. It took us a while but we managed to fix my laptop cracked screen with a bit of effort. We will answer this question

Required Tools for Fixing a Cracked Screen

Before we get started let us clear you one thing that everyone uses different sorts of tools but here we are just telling you what we use and solve our problems in just some minutes.

Working Area:

It’s important because you can’t fix a laptop screen at a random place. You need a good place for this e.g. a straight table, we recommend you use a flat table that is fixed strongly to the floor.

Sharp Object:

You must have a sharp object, like a sharp needle or any other sharp object that you have at home. We used a safety-pin. But you can use a needle or anything like it because that does the same work.

Small Container:

It’s a must as it will hold all the small objects that you will use during the entire process of fixing the cracked laptop screen.

Thin Plastic Object:

You can use a plastic knife or think slide for this. Now you must be thinking why this? This plastic knife can be used when removing the bezel from the fixings.

Nito- Tape:

You have to use this when fixing the screen and it will hold the laptop screen together so it will not move. Once it is strongly fixed, you can remove the tape.


Most importantly a screwdriver you must have a screwdriver that has a magnetic head. Again you must be thinking why magnetic head screwdriver? The magnet helps in holding the screws together at the time of working and it just makes the work easier.

So you have all the above objects and you are ready. Let’s do this.

Guide to Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen?

In this guide, we will explain in detail the whole process of fixing a cracked laptop screen. Now before you decided to start with this guide, there are few things that you should check at the laptop screen:

  • Check for the % of the damage on the screen.
  • The laptop screen is totally broken into different pieces or just a dot.
  • What about the internal screen attachment?
  • Carefully monitor the external display and check the results.
  • Can you feel the crack without touching the screen?
  • If there is a blank screen, there may be other reasons for this instead of a crack.
  • Check the power supply carefully.

Access to Cracked Screen

First of all, access the laptop screen carefully and check for the % of the damage. Look for possible reasons for that damage if you are still not aware of it. Check its motherboard and other hardware, there are a lot of people who replace their laptop screen and the main reason was the dead graphics card.

How to Check the Graphics Card? What it’s Dead or Not?

To check the graphics card, take it out and fit it to any other PC and observe the screen carefully. If it is working fine at other PC then this is a sign that your laptop screen is at fault. Now you have to observe the blank screen, check for all the keyboard shortcuts that can be resulting in this. There are few keyboard shortcuts that if pressed can lead to a blank screen.

Remove the Laptop Battery and External Covers

So you have confirmed that it is a laptop screen fault. Now power off the laptop and also remove the battery. Warning: Don’t interfere in the electric circuit of the laptop while fixing this problem.

When the laptop is disconnected from all of the power, closely monitor the screen. Check for any screws that are keeping it attach to the laptop. There must be some hidden small screws at the four corners of the laptop screen, for that the screen is fixed properly.

You can also use any other kit for this procedure.

Now, you need a sharp object to safely remove the stickers hiding these small screws. Not lose focus at this point otherwise you can damage the laptop. Carefully remove the cover and place it in a safe place so that you can use this later.

Check the Bezel and Damage

After you have removed the external covers, you can easily see the screws. These screws are holding the screen fix to the laptop. With the help of a magnetic head screwdriver, you can remove these screws easily.

After you remove the screw pull away from the bezel from the screen, now you have to check the crack carefully. If it’s small, it can easily be fixed. You just have to place any thin object at the crack on the screen and with a little bit of force move it up or down the screen and you can get rid of it easily. This is the most important step for how to fix a cracked laptop screen without replacing it?

But if the crack is not small you have to replace it with a new screen.

Observe that the bezel is free normally the LCD screen is fixed with a metallic frame. Use the screwdriver to remove all the screws that are holding it with the screen. Do not use much force at this stage if you did you can damage the laptop.

Remove all the cables attached to the screen and keep it in a safe place. Make sure that the screen should be facedown at the keyboard. Then remove the old screen carefully and add the new screen while keeping it towards the keyboard.


How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing It in 2021?

Your laptop screen is broken and you are stuck now. Well, there is nothing to worry about how to fix a cracked laptop screen without replacing it. You can easi



How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing It in 2021?


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How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing It in 2021?


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